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Easy shakes for better days & nights Made with the mix of the best ingredients, vitamins & minerals to give you that extra push in the right direction.
BrightRecover Hangover Support for more energy & faster recovery
BrightSleep Fall asleep easier & wake up more energetic
BrightFocus Easier to get into flow to get shit done
BrightParty Boost your energy at parties without drinking
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30+ active ingredients that work
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Powerful formulas to get the most out of your day & night
Always Bright products are made with a combination of powerful ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Our powerful formulas have been perfected through decades of research, and each sachet is packed with vitamins and backed by science! Whether you need help to party, recover, focus or sleep, our range of fast-acting formulas will never let you down.
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Dozens of DJs swear by AlwaysBright Lots of flying, partying, little sleep. The life of a DJ can sometimes be quite physically demanding. That's why we're proud that top artists like Sam Feldt, Firebeatz, Jay Hardway, LVNDSCAPE, MOTi and DubVision use our products to support their lifestyle.
Frequently asked questions about our products

Our formulas are based on years of scientific research. We know exactly what your body needs, when you need it. Our products are packed with the right vitamins and minerals, and they help people get results every day.

We have 4 formulas to improve every aspect of your life. BrightRecover: Refresher after a pleasant evening BrightParty: Social Energy Booster BrightFocus: Strengthens your focus BrightSleep: Improves sleep

Yes! Our products are vegan + gluten & sugar free!

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