Social energy booster

BrightParty - the social energy booster

Give your night a boost with BrightParty! Within 20 minutes of use, feel good & have the energy to party all night and wake up refreshed the next morning

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4.0/5 (65+ Reviews)

Unleash the Party Animal in you with BrightParty

Are you tired of missing the best nights because you feel tired and exhausted? BrightParty is here to change that! With our social energy booster you will not only feel recharged, but also your enthusiasm for the evening cannot be missed.

You no longer have to drag yourself to the party hoping you can get into bed quickly. Take BrightParty before you go out and you'll feel the effect quickly, leaving you with the energy to dance, laugh and make unforgettable memories.

With BrightParty you can party wherever and whenever you want, and still wake up refreshed, thanks to the active detox ingredients.

Say goodbye to tiring evenings and say hello to a night full of energy. From now on, bring the BrightParty to every party!

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Get a social boost with BrightParty!

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Top product! Delivered neatly and quickly and after using BrightParty I had much more energy than normal. The hangover was also a lot less. Recommended!

Rated 4.0/5 by 65+ loved customers

BrightParty: The Social & Energy Booster

(for 8 nights)
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Boost your energy and you know you can party all night long with BrightParty, the social energy booster. Each pack has 8 doses to get you through 8 nights out. Gluten and sugar free.

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Only €3.12 per night! More energy, focus and a better mood.
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Benefits / Description

BrightParty is a social energy booster that gets you excited for your big night

Have the energy to party when you want, where you want, and wake up refreshed the next morning.

Take BrightParty before you go out and feel the effects quickly.

Each BrightParty sachet contains 8 doses, to get you through 8 nights.

Warranty & Returns

Always Bright offers you the party booster and day after formula on the market. We are so confident in our product that if you don't feel the effects of BrightParty quickly, we will give your money back!

For returns not due to an Always Bright error, the customer is responsible for all return/shipping charges.

Shipping Information

Always Bright delivers next day (Mon - Fri) throughout the Netherlands if you order before 10:00 PM, and ships within 1-5 working days in the EU. Every morning we come to the rescue of party animals.

Shipping is free for orders over €45, for orders under €45 we charge €4.95 shipping costs.

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Discover the Best in Yourself with the Always Bright Supplements

Maximum Energy

Boost your energy levels and stay alert all night long.

Social Boost

Experience a natural boost that improves your social life at night.

Wake up refreshed

The next day you will wake up well thanks to the active detox ingredients.

Yes, I want a social boost
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Used and loved by famous DJs and artists

Lots of flying, partying, little sleep. The life of a DJ can sometimes be quite physically demanding. That's why we're proud that top artists like Sam Feldt, Firebeatz, Jay Hardway, LVNDSCAPE, MOTi and DubVision use our product to support their lifestyle.

Discover the Benefits of Always Bright

Customer satisfaction

At Always Bright, customer satisfaction comes first. We score 98% satisfaction - proof of our quality and trust.

Faster recovery

Our powerful formulas are not only designed to quickly dissolve in water, but they also deliver results within just 20 minutes of ingestion.

Dutch product

We proudly manufacture our products in the Netherlands, we use 100% high-quality ingredients and comply with all EU laws and regulations.

Active ingredients

Always Bright uses 30+ active pure natural ingredients for effective solutions without unnecessary substances.

Main Ingredients

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Vitamin D

Plays a role in improving mood and energy levels, helping to increase party fun and maintain vitality throughout the night.


Activates your natural energy in the body and supports energy metabolism.


Improves water absorption and contributes to endurance and performance during prolonged activities

Vitamin C

Maintains your immune system, nervous system and increases iron absorption. This contributes to the maintenance of normal cognitive function.

Vitamin B2, B6, B12

Ensures healthy psychological functioning (behavior, emotions, social skills) and contributes to maintaining good vision.


Helps release energy from food and contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism (concentration, reasoning, problem solving).

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Do you have questions? We have answers

Where do you deliver, how long does it take and how much does it cost?

Delivery is the next day (Mon-Fri) everywhere in the Netherlands if you order before 10pm. Delivery is 1-5 working days anywhere within the EU. Free shipping on orders over €45. €4.95 shipping costs for orders under €45.

When can I use Always Bright?

BrightRecover: The morning after your night out.
BrightParty: 20 minutes before you go out in the evening.
BrightFocus: When you need to concentrate.
BrightSleep: 20 minutes before you go to sleep.

Is Always Bright vegan and gluten and sugar free?


Is it safe to take more than 1 dose or to take different formulas on the same day?

Yes, you can take more than 1 dose if you think it is necessary. It is also safe to take several Always Bright formulas over a short period of time if you feel the need.

Is Always Bright a drug?

Always Bright is not a drug and should not be used to treat disease. Our products are science-based formulas that help improve your life every day.

What are the 4 formulas of Always Bright?

We have 4 formulas to improve every aspect of your life.
BrightRecover: Refresher after a pleasant evening
BrightParty: Social Energy Booster
BrightFocus: Strengthens your focus
BrightSleep: Improves sleep

What is our refund and return policy?

We are so confident in our products that if you don't feel the effects quickly enough, we will give you your money back. All returns are the responsibility of the customer unless the order is incorrect or damaged.

How do the discounts work at Always Bright?

Discount codes can be added once you get to checkout. To receive discount codes, you can sign up for our emails. We regularly send you offers via emails.

Where can I find the list of ingredients?

The full list of ingredients, minerals and vitamin facts can be found on the product page of each product.

Does Always Bright work?

Yes of course! Our formulas are based on years of scientific research. We know exactly what your body needs, when you need it. Our products are packed with the right vitamins and minerals, and they help people get results every day.

Become more social and energetic with BrightParty!

4.0/5 (65+ Reviews)
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All Nutrients

Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B8, B11, B12
Food acid: citric acid
Griffonia extract
Natural aroma
Choline bitartrate
Caffeine anhydrous
Sweetener: sucralose
Anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide
Rhodiola rosea extract
Green tea extract
Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA)
Natural citrus aroma
Guarana extract
Colour: cochineal red A
Pyridoxine (vit. B6)